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Home-made Mess Sushi

Actually this is my first time to make a review about food I made. And it was also my first time to make sushi, hehe…. Since my mother learned to make sushi in her office in her spare time, my mother and friends bought food stuffs to make sushi because they were come some of Japanese guests in their department, but actually it was their last day in Indonesia. So, the host prepared somethings to make them happy and sushi was one of the things that was prepared.

Well, my mom had some Japanese food stuffs to be bought to our house to make sushi.

1. Japanese cucumber Image

2. I don’t know what are they since it has Japanese writing, but it contains of slices of carrot, bamboo shoot (rebung), and wijen (i don’t know the english name)

Image3. Of course, Nori!


4. It should be tuna! But we didn’t buy it yet, so we changed it into chicken sausage, haha

Image5. And rice, of course! This is the mixing rice with the seasoning and some food stuffs

ImageThen, we just have to put it on the nori, and put the sausage and also the japanese cucumber on the rice

Imageand then, you should roll it to become like this


and you just have to slice it to make it into pieces, and done! 😀

ImageSo, here it was my home-made mess sushi, created by my mom and me, and the taste was good 😀

Try it by yourself 😉



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