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Story of the Dumb : World

I will be proud to introduce myself here. I was created by The One I regard so much; because of Him I am still alive in this universe. Yet still, I have so many things of lacks just like other creatures. I am not smart even I don’t have brain to keep memories, I’d like to say thanks to whom always write all my memories, even though they write such of lies. I am not the one who knows everything, but since there are many things happen in every part of my body, I should say that I know a lot.

I am still here in my really old years. I become a thing which seems as loyal creature for human. I was there when first human created, and I will be there when the last human standing and finally die with me someday. I am in a place where human was born, accompany them in their short life, and die in my hand. I see them growing and changing. I can see too, how human take more time to do activities using their busy time. Sometime, I laugh to see how they keep struggling to live upon me, but sometime I cry that they may hurt me. Some of them do not care about me, about how I should live. Some of them are too proud of me, they think they may live longer upon me in their short life. Ah, I really want to give them advice, that they should listen to what their Creator says, but I am just weak creature. I can’t do that.  I do not have some things that they own. They have mouth to speak, ears to listen, hearts to feel, and minds to think, but I don’t! I just follow what He has instructed to me, and I can’t do anything else. That is me with so many things of lacks. I am just afraid that I blame on Him. Even though now I’m suffering, I keep standing in my place where I should be. And this is me; I am WORLD, the dumb creature!



a walker of the long journey seeking for the great last place in the eternal life

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