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Fantasy as Symbol

You know, I’m always interested to fantasy. I don’t know why, but maybe it is because of its fantastical creatures and mythology. I know for sure that fantasy is beyond the reality, so I don’t wanna make it to be a serious thing. I just like it, such as the novels, movie, or in literature.

I have a dream that one day I want to make one or some novels or stories about fantasy. Actually, I’m on the way to make it finish, but still in long long journey and time to make it done. And I have finished one or two works, maybe, hehe. They have been published by me in self-publishing company. However, I still want to make another story, which is full of adventure, war, quest, and many more, just like in LOTR trilogy or Narnia. I want to make it to be like those novels.


So, I have been writing one about fantasy stories which full of adventure, war, fight, and quest. I had written this maybe about one or two years ago, but now I never write it again. And it will be more obvious and challenged, because it has many symbols and meanings.

Fantasy is always been a symbol for something. Realize or not, it has something hidden behind its weird, fantastical, odd, and magical creatures. For some people, they maybe aware of the message or symbol behind fantasy stories such as Lord of the Rings trilogy, why J.R.R. Tolkien wrote these. So do I, I never expected I can understand (just little perhaps) what symbols and meaning Tolkien used in his trilogy. But I can see what’s hidden there. It depends on your view, of course. I also have it too, in my perspective.

So, I also want to make a fantasy story which has many symbols in it. I have my own view to symbolize many things in fantasy story. Every writer owns ideology or view, so the writing will be influenced by that. Fantasy might be used as symbol behind the story. People who read it may be aware or not what’s written. I’m purposeful, perhaps, hide the real message or meaning behind the fantasy. So people will know by their selves. However, I know it is really hard, but I will make a try for it. Maybe someday it will be published or maybe you will be the one of the readers of my works.

Well, just see it soon I hope.




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