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Sayonara no Natsu

Since I’ve watched Ghibli’s From Upon Poppy Hill which has simple story because of the slice of life theme, I also began to like the original soundtrack of this movie which is played as the end song. The song title is Sayonara no Natsu. It’s really sweet song I think, the same as the movie. So I want to put the lyric here, the romaji and english lyric. Check this out!

Sayonara no Natsu (Romaji lyric)

hikaru umi ni kasumu funewha
sayonara no kiteki nokoshimasu
yurui saka o orite yukeba
natsu iro no kaze ni aeru kashira
watashi no ai sore wa merodī
takaku hikuku utau no
watashi no ai sore wa kamome
takaku hikuku tobu no
yuuhi no naka yonde mitara
yasashii anata ni aeru kashira

dare ka ga hiku piano no oto
uminari mitai ni kikoemasu
osoi gogo o yuki kau hito
natsu iro no yume o hakobu kashira
watashi no ai sore wa daiarī
hibi no pēji tsuzuru no
watashi no ai sore wa kobune
sora no umi o yuku no
yuuhi no naka furikaereba
anata wa watashi o sagasu kashira

sanpomichi ni yureru kigi wa
sayonara no kage o otoshimasu
furui chaperu kazami no tori
natsu iro no machi wa mieru kashira
kinou no ai sore wa namida
yagate kawaki kieru no
ashita no ai sore wa rufuran
owari no nai kotoba
yuuhi no naka meguriaeba
anata wa watashi o daku kashira

English Lyric

A ship veiled in the shining sea
leaves behind the steam of good-bye
If I went down that loose hill,
would I meet the summer coloured wind
My love is a melody
which I sing high and low
My love is a seagull
that flies high and low
If I tried to call out in the sunset,
I wonder if I’d encounter the gentle you

The sound of a piano that somebody plays
very much resembles the rumbling of the sea
Do the people who come and go late in the afternoon
carry a summer coloured dream too?
My love is a diary
that spells the pages of my life
My love is a boat
that goes throughout the empty sea
If I looked back in the sunset,
I wonder if you’d be looking for me

On the promenade shaking trees
cast shadows of good-bye
Can the old chapel and chicken weather vane
be seen in the summer coloured town
Yesterday’s love is nothing more but tears
they will soon dry out and disappear
Tomorrow’s love is a mere refrain –
words that have no end
If we met by chance in the sunset,
I wonder if you’d embrace me.

Here if you wanna listen the music. Don’t forget to try watching the movie. 😉



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