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Reading Challenge

This is February now, although it’s late, still it is the beginning of the year. Before it’s too late, I have a challenge for myself in reading project for this year. Actually, I’m interested in this challenge after I visit someone’s blog who loves reading so much, she has reading challenge for this year held by goodreads. Then, why don’t I take this challenge too? Since I also love reading, but I do not prepare for it too much. I just read some books when I need it. So, it will be interesting when I have this challenge.

So, how many books will I read in this 2014? I challenge myself to read 20 books along this year. Too many? Umm… maybe not! Maybe those are too few. I should take more books to be read, especially since I want to share all things I know through dakwah, and if I take my master degree this year. So, I will need more books to be read.

There are so many kinds of books I want to read, such as politics, nafsiyahdakwah, and fiction. Maybe I should make a list of books I want to read.  And I also want to challenge myself in writing the resume or review of the books, so everyone will know the information of what I’ve read which I will post in this blog. Yeah, I just want to try it. In order to improve my reading and writing skill, so why don’t I challenge myself to do these all? That will be awesome! 😀

How’s yours?! Let’s see it! 😉



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