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Rain of Ashes

Clouds were too high, but they now are gathering above the cities.They cover the sunlight, erase every smile and cheerfulness of the people. Darkness is now surrounding together with the pain and misery. It is now cloudy. However, there’s no water falling from the sky, but ashes which come from the wrath of the mount. The thunder and lightning come together with their power to show the fury of the Creator. This is a warning for every creature who lives on His Land He has created. The rain of ashes is falling down to every cities they want to land on, spread the message from the sky to every man who has mind to think. That this is not an usual warning. We can’t claim that this world is ours, but this is His. We can’t apply the rules that we make to control the world. We are just human who always have a lot of mistakes and sins. But He, The only One who knows everything. He has created us complete with the best rules for us. But what happen? We do not obey and even, ignore His rules just like we know everything. How stupid! This is a real warning. We can’t blame the nature but us, yes ourselves! What we have done for this life? Nothing. It’s time to fix everything, to make everything better and fitrah that WE MUST OBEY ALLAH’S RULES. That is the only key to make this world better. Insha Allah.



a walker of the long journey seeking for the great last place in the eternal life

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