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Just a Tree

The longer you grow, the stonger you will stand on the ground….
The older you live, the wiser you will face your own problem…”

Just a Tree
That I’m just a young tree
I still don’t have a strong root neither branches
I grow and grow everyday higher and taller
For now I think that I’m an adult tree which is stronger and wiser
But I was wrong….

The rough wind blows
And my body swings so brittly
The leaves that I hold are too weak
So I can’t hold them anymore
I just can see them in front of me
They are falling down to the ground
So miserably…
Some of them just follow where the wind goes, so poor…
Now I’m sad, so sad…
I think that I can’t bear this life any longer
I think I have lost the hope I hold, just like those poor leaves
I will soon fall from this place

But wait….,
The wind stops blowing now
I still have my leaves
My root are still strong enough to stand
The rain keeps falling to fill me with the water from the sky
Yes, I still have my hope to live




a walker of the long journey seeking for the great last place in the eternal life

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