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Review: My Reading Challenge is On The Way

Okay, maybe I’ve written about my reading challenge for this year. I challenge myself to read 20 books this year. I’m still on the way of course and I’m really obsessed with this challenge. I love reading so much, but when I’m not in good mood, probably I will leave all the books and prefer to search some information from the internet or maybe I’ll choose to watch some movies. I still keep my obsession to read and finish this challenge. I started the project in the early February, and now, March is almost end. Let see how my challenge works.

I noted some books I’ve read, but here I will not give some full review of the books, because that’s too long and I need more time to write down in this blog. I just want to share the books and give you some points of the books tell about. I’ve been reading for seven books till yesterday. And I still do not find what next book I will read.

Here they are:

1. Sang Penakluk Andalusia: Tariq ibn Ziyad & Musa ibn Nusayr written by Alwi Alatas, published by Zikrul

This book was the first I’ve finished. This book tells us about the conquest of Andalusia in Spain for the first time by Muslim soldiers. Tariq ibn Ziyad and his commander, Musa ibn Nusayr try to expand Islamic territory to the west while Ummayah Caliphate was in rule.  This is Islamic historical book. Although this book is not thick like another historical book, I got some Islamic history from this book which I hadn’t known before. I think this book is great enough for the one who doesn’t love reading history.

2. Daulah Islam by Taqiyuddin an-Nabhani, published by HTI Press

This was the second book I’ve finished. Actually, I’d been reading it since December 2013, but finally I made it finish and put it as my reading challenge. It’s okay, right? This book tells us the way how Daulah Islamiyah (Khilafah) established for the first time under the leadership of Rasulullah saw. in Madinah where the sharia law was applied, then the journey of the Khilafah itself during 1300 years and finally it was destroyed by the modern kuffar. It’s also historical book, but we may know the lessons we should learn from this book as Muslim.

3. A Dash of Magic by Kathryn Littlewood, published by Mizan Fantasy

Actually, this the second sequel of the Bliss Bakery. I’ve read The Bliss Bakery in the end of 2013. A Dash of Magic is a fantasy book which tells us about the cooking competition. This is not usual cooking competition, because Rosemary (the main character in this novel) has the magic cooking recipe. Rosemary is just an usual girl who always help her parents in her bakery. However, in the first sequel, their family secret book recipe has been stolen by Lily, a woman who confesses as her aunt. Then it is her responsibility to make Cookery Booke back to her family, so she challenges Lily in the competition. When Rose win, Lily should return the Booke to her. However, Lily is a celebrity cook who gets famous because of her looks and her cooks. If you love fantasy genre, maybe you should read it!

4. Yuk Berhijab! by Felix Y. Siauw, published by Mizan

This book is a challenge for all Muslimah. Look at the title! Yes.  This book is very nice because of its illustration and simple language which is used. You should own this book and read it by yourself especially for Muslimah! Recommended? Of course, yes!

5. Udah Putusin Aja! by Felix Y. Siauw, published by Mizan

Aaah….this is the first illustration book written by Ustadz Felix with his illustrator Emeralda Noor Achni. Such a nice, cute, and deep book for all the people who fall in love. You also should own this book and read it by yourself, you’ll know it well how Islam control us with all the rule of our life, and also about knowing what is LOVE. Go buy for it! 😉

6. Dinasti Umawiyah by DR. Yusuf Al ‘Isy, published by Pustaka Kautsar

This is the third Islamic history book I’ve read in my challenge. Actually, it’s difficult to write the review, because it is about the history of Umayyah Caliphate. This book begins in Umar ibn’ Khattab became the Amirul Mukminin and end with the downfall of this empire.

7. Espressologist by Kristina Springer, published by Qanita Mizan

Since I love romance novel, I will say this novel is very cute. It has a simple line plot of the high school teenage girl who work as a barista. She, Jane, make some experiment to write down persons’ characters from the coffee they choose and she tries to match some people to be love couple. And it works, she get famous in the district. However, she is still difficult to find her own couple since she doesn’t know who is the perfect boy from the coffee she choose.

Well well, those books I’ve finished all. I still have 13 books to read, although I don’t know which books I will choose. I think I should buy some. Well, wait for the next books. Bye…;)



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