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Memorable Place of Her

I walk alone by myself in this building at this late afternoon. Just to remind myself of the life I’ve spent along this time. Since I was baby and now I’ve got married, I live here. This is not my home, but there are many things happen here, in this place.

I sit alone on the wooden chair which always crowded in the afternoon by the students who wait for their class. However, this time is very quiet so I sit very comfortably. I enjoy the view I used to see. I look around to see the trees, tiny pond, green grass, and the ground I step on to. I smile to enjoy it. I think it is quite long time not to visit this place, especially after she was gone. o Then my memory run into her, the first woman I love, my mom.

This building is a memorable place of her. She worked here since 24 years ago, the same old with my age. My heart starts trembling and my eyes begin to cry. I decide to walk around this building, especially to the spot where she used to be.

Usually at this time, exactly around 4 pm, she would be in her room, at the Japanese library waiting for my father to go home together. I used to visit her room almost every time I visit the university, just to wait, or had lunch, wrote or read something. So, I knew her activity so well.

I walk along the outside of the library hall. I see through the library windows to see the inside. I just feel like I miss her so much, then I can’t hold my tears down. I only can imagine where she used to be and what she did as usual. When I go downstairs, I remember it so much. I used to walk behind her body and stepped downstairs. Usually, the students who sat on the ground would greet her when she went downstairs. She was so kind to every student she met. So, it made her became popular as a very nice librarian. After that, we sat together on the wooden chair in front of lecturers’ room to wait for my father picking us up to our home.

Oh….today that’s all just memory. She was gone forever. So, when I look around at the building, the memory goes to her. Yes, this place is a memorable place of her. I only can remember it forever in my mind. You know what place is it? It’s PSBJ, Pusat Studi Bahasa Jepang Universitas Padjadjaran. I grew up here whether it’s not my home and lately, I had my wedding party here. I think it was my mother last visit when my wedding held that day. Yes, this place is a memorable place of her. And I know that everybody who works in this building will miss my mom too.

*a tribute for my mother – Hetti Herawati

PSBJ (front)
PSBJ building


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