Inside The Rhyme

Inside The Rhyme is my 7th song. In this song I found many difficulties in writing the lyric. I don’t know what this song tells about, this is really inside my heart. I created this song in the mid 2013, when I started to stare at some’thing’ and felt it. My sister told me that the intro was similar to Jason Mraz’s. I felt so, maybe I was inspired by his song, then I remember, yes it is. My intro is just quite similar to the song ‘Woman I loved’ by Mraz, hehe…Anyway but this song was really my creation which limited to my guitar play.


Inside The Rhyme

Key : C – G – Em – D


Maybe I know, it’s just another fake
Cause I know I made a mistake
Maybe I should let go over from you
Cause I should remember of who I am
And I’m not the one who’s like you

Baby, if I could turn back all of the time
I would choose, I didn’t want to find you
But all is too late, life should be like this
I must pass my life through all these
and I still miss the piece of my life

Then my heart will wait for something I can’t tell
and it’s about you who feel lonely
if you believe then I can tell the truth
what my heart says and you will be free
I have you only inside of the rhyme
Nothing’s fine if it’s only a lie

Oh God I know, I’m still staring at the sky
Wishing here, for the bird’s coming around
Then she will give me a letter from the sky
Something that will change my life
Flawless night covers the end of the numb

However I still don’t know what’s going on
Just realize I’m nothing for you
when the life will give a little luck for me
would promise I won’t make my mistake
Destiny will bring me to that place
and we’re glad that all is over from now


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