My Songs


Since I was in junior high school, I started to learn playing the guitar that my father bought. It was difficult at the beginning, of course. My fingers started to feel the pain when they pressed the strings. However, I tried and tried then finally I could play one song. The first song I could play was ‘Syukur’. It was one of ‘Lagu Nasional Indonesia’, it had easy chord for me. I still don’t know whether it has right chord or not, but I enjoyed it at that time.

Then at 2008, I first started to create a song. I really love Am key, so I chose this key at almost my all songs. My first song title is ‘Hidden Love’. This song is a mellow country song, because I was influenced by Taylor Swift. The second song I had written is ‘One Bright Summer Day’, the title is quite similar like Super Junior Rye Wook song ‘One Fine Spring Day’, hehe. But my song was created in 2010. Those my first songs were about love. I do not post those lyrics here, because I just don’t want to.

So, the songs I have created using my guitar are totaled 7 songs, here they are:

1. Hidden Love

2. One Bright Summer Day

3. The Fantastic Dream

4. The Way

5. Stranger

6. Waiting for A Star

7. Inside the Rhyme

Aaah….I still wanna make some >.<


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