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Sebingkai Cerita Tentangmu, Aku Rindu!

Rindu. Hanya ada satu kata yang kurasa saat ini. Ya, rindu!


“Teeeh…..” biasanya panggilan itu terdengar nyaring tiap waktu, menggema dalam sudut ruang jiwaku. Hingga kadang aku merasa kesal karena kenapa hanya aku saja yang dipanggil, bukan “Niiit….” atau “Leeen….”. Tetapi kadang aku berpikir, mungkin karena aku lebih bisa menolongnya dibandingkan kedua adikku.


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Memorable Place of Her

I walk alone by myself in this building at this late afternoon. Just to remind myself of the life I’ve spent along this time. Since I was baby and now I’ve got married, I live here. This is not my home, but there are many things happen here, in this place.

I sit alone on the wooden chair which always crowded in the afternoon by the students who wait for their class. However, this time is very quiet so I sit very comfortably. I enjoy the view I used to see. I look around to see the trees, tiny pond, green grass, and the ground I step on to. I smile to enjoy it. I think it is quite long time not to visit this place, especially after she was gone. o Then my memory run into her, the first woman I love, my mom.

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