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Reading Challenge

This is February now, although it’s late, still it is the beginning of the year. Before it’s too late, I have a challenge for myself in reading project for this year. Actually, I’m interested in this challenge after I visit someone’s blog who loves reading so much, she has reading challenge for this year held by goodreads. Then, why don’t I take this challenge too? Since I also love reading, but I do not prepare for it too much. I just read some books when I need it. So, it will be interesting when I have this challenge.

So, how many books will I read in this 2014? I challenge myself to read 20 books along this year. Too many? Umm… maybe not! Maybe those are too few. I should take more books to be read, especially since I want to share all things I know through dakwah, and if I take my master degree this year. So, I will need more books to be read.

There are so many kinds of books I want to read, such as politics, nafsiyahdakwah, and fiction. Maybe I should make a list of books I want to read.  And I also want to challenge myself in writing the resume or review of the books, so everyone will know the information of what I’ve read which I will post in this blog. Yeah, I just want to try it. In order to improve my reading and writing skill, so why don’t I challenge myself to do these all? That will be awesome! 😀

How’s yours?! Let’s see it! 😉

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We All Have Stories


We all have stories. Yes, of course. Every people should have stories of their lives, whether happiness, sadness, sorrows, disappointment, and many more. But don’t forget that The One up there has plans and rights of our lives. He is the Creator of the stories of our lives. Although maybe life is our choice, all the things that have happened in this world cannot be separated from His permission. We never know what is the best for us, because we might be doing wrong. Do the good of our lives, as long as we still have these lives.