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Just a Tree

The longer you grow, the stonger you will stand on the ground….
The older you live, the wiser you will face your own problem…”

Just a Tree
That I’m just a young tree
I still don’t have a strong root neither branches
I grow and grow everyday higher and taller
For now I think that I’m an adult tree which is stronger and wiser
But I was wrong….

The rough wind blows
And my body swings so brittly
The leaves that I hold are too weak
So I can’t hold them anymore
I just can see them in front of me
They are falling down to the ground
So miserably…
Some of them just follow where the wind goes, so poor…
Now I’m sad, so sad…
I think that I can’t bear this life any longer
I think I have lost the hope I hold, just like those poor leaves
I will soon fall from this place

But wait….,
The wind stops blowing now
I still have my leaves
My root are still strong enough to stand
The rain keeps falling to fill me with the water from the sky
Yes, I still have my hope to live


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Hope of The Tree

The tree keeps growing, higher and higher. I remember when at first I saw the little sprout grew on the ground. It was still green and fresh. And now it’s getting bigger and higher. It has powerful trunk with strong root. But the branches are still unsteady when rough wind blows. Sometime the leaves are too weak, so they just follow where the wind blows and fell in to the ground and finally they’re broken. When the sunshine comes, the tree gets their energy to live and make it more steady on the ground.

It is the time to bloom. Some flowers come up to show their beauty. They give colorful life to the tree, and the scent is brought to give some cheerfulness. Together they are dancing with the wind, under the moonlight, the sunshine, the rain, and some bright stars. Sometimes, they invite some beautiful butterflies and birds to sing a song together in the morning. Together with full of hope for better future.

Then, now the flowers bear fruits with the special taste. The tree hopes for someone would taste it and say it is great. The tree is too full of hope, so it keeps bearing fruit, more and more. However, the time keeps going on, but no one visits it to pick it, although only one. The tree only hopes for the one who will carry its fruits. But all are just hopeless. The fruits are now getting rot. They fell one by one to the ground. No one will ever taste it. Whereas, the tree just hopes for one.

The seasons keep changing, and the tree will never ever give up. It keeps growing, still to make the fruits, still with the same hope. Although maybe the fruits will be rotten again, but the tree will never stop to bloom and make some fruits with the greatest taste. Still, it keeps waiting for the one who will visits.