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My Writing Lists

I have many plans to do this year.. But in this post, I will make it specific only for my writing lists. Yeah, I have so many writing plans to do. Actually I have make a target that my first ideological novel should be finished in April, but I feel it is quite hard to be written, because it needs deep thought and analysis. So, I’ll try it later till Ied comes.

However, my obsession to collect all my writings in books version should be completed. So, these are my writing lists for this year:

1. Publish my first novel “Miss Dreamer and Elizabeth’s Diary”, I will buy it soon if it has published in

2. Finish my first drama novel, it also will be published.

3. Write five fantasy gothic short stories, which also I will publish in self-publishing in the same publisher.

4. Keep writing for my ideological novel which should be finished after Ied.

Well I wish I can finish all my writing lists in this year. I also wish that I can get all my books which has been published, although others won’t buy it, I don’t care! I just want all my collection writings.