The Way

This is my fourth song. I made this in the mid of 2012. When I made a try for my friend to listen it, this song began almost popular among us because other friends listened to it too, even I sang it in front of them, of course with my weird voice, hehe. I was so nervous.
This song actually is made for make human realized that this world is now damaged by the hand of human itself. Not only by the hand of human itself, but also by the rule of theirs. Yes, now, every country in this world are ruled by the hand of human, made by human thought which are limited and very weak. Who knows actually about us, this world and the universe? Of course God! But what have they made? They do not stand on the God’s rule! Yup, that is the reality. And with this song, I made the answer that we should find the way which will bring us to God’s rule! Ya, many people forget about God’s rule, although they always read it, but actually they don’t understand at all. So, with this way, we will be guided. Just check my new song with the genre of pop-rock (maybe :p) 😉
So what “The Way” is?! Think it by yourself 😉

The Way

Key : Am – E – Dm – Am – E; C – G – E – Am
The world is now falling
Like the crashing down of mountain
The human races are breaking
Like the collapsed building
They don’t have any chance to make another better world
Till find the way…………..

The earth is now shaking
By the wickedness of fellow
The wind is now roughing
By the cunning reality
What can make us to keep stay in this world
We always should find the way……………

The clouds were dense in the darkness
With the great sound of the high fury
Did you hear this amazing voice
Of the suffering world

But the sun is still shining
And the sky is bright sometimes
And the rain is still falling
To make cool this heated ground
It is a beautiful sign that we will soon
Find to follow the way…………

Reff 2:

And we will get the right impression
How to live in this limited world
After finding the true way
That we should walk away…………

Breaking part:

We still have a chance to make this world
Better with this way and we will survive
And don’t try to free from we believe
we have the way…………

We should walk on in this path
No matter what we will face
Cause the promise has been made
We should believe our faith
Just don’t doubt of what have been made
Cause we have the way……….

The sun is still shining
And still spreading its light
We still have many chances
If we keep to find the way


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