Waiting for a Star

Waiting for a Star is my 6th song. The lyric is full of metaphor which represents my feelings and my hope for all my dreams. The genre of the song may be just lil bit country and gothic, maybe because I was inspired by The Civil Wars songs. I’ve searched the music genre of The Civil Wars, but such an article like WordPress said that the music genre of  The Civil Wars are Americana, folk, or indie folk. Maybe I can say that this song is pop-folk, haha.


Waiting for a Star

Key : Am – E – Am – E ; C – E – Am – D
I’m standing here to watch it all night
A star is glowing and I start to hide
Still I keep stealing to look up the sky
But I find that now it is run and hide

The night, I know it is so dark
It makes me blind to see all the things I find
The star is standing above the sky
But why it’s just covered and now it hides
I wish the star will give shiny light
and waiting here till the sun comes to the sky
Just waiting here until you will come around

I know it’s hard to reach but I can’t run
And it keeps sparkling to me it’s a sign
But it’s still shy to show its shiny light
I promise to watch and catch its glow

Back to Reff.

Although it’s too far for I can get it
And I know I’m in stranger side
I’m sure still have a chance to make it

I’m waiting here until you’ll come around


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